Code of the ancestral egregor

Stage 5
The ancestral egregor is an information and energy field at a subtle level that stores the knowledge and experience of people along the same bloodline. The potential of a person and their life resources are formed on the platform of the ancestral egregor. All blood relatives are connected to the ancestral egregor one way or another. If a woman marries, changes her surname and gives birth to a child, she automatically joins the family of her husband.

The ancestral egregor requires us to perform certain tasks and gives us strength to do this.

And how family members use this power depends only on them.

Course program

No individual check of home assignment.


Lesson 1

System of connecting to the egregor.

Family, ancestral, latent egregors.

Calculation of the code of the ancestral egregor.

Table for automatic calculation.

Change of surname.
Lesson 2

Interpretation of the code of the ancestral egregor.

Answers to questions in the general chat.
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