Children's numerology.
Parental tasks related to the realization of children's energies

Stage 4

Children's energies are just being formed and it depends directly on parents whether a child will fulfill their purpose from the very beginning. You need to find out everything about your child as early as possible, ideally from 0 years old.

Often we destroy the strengths of our children unconsciously, because no one taught us how to bring them up “correctly”! In the course, you will acquire AWARENESS, which will be manifested in your thoughts and actions in relation to your children!

And you will be able to pass this information on to other parents by making in-depth children's decodings!

Course program

Each lesson includes:
  • lecture
  • guidance materials in electronic form
  • home assignment
  • individual study of the material

Lesson 1

How to raise a girl as a true woman and a boy as a real man.

Analysis of personal mistakes.

Restructuring the system of interaction with the child.
Lesson 2

Decoding and interpretation of the energies of a child based on the Destiny Triangle.

Features of the formation of children's energies.

Parental tasks related to the development of children's energies.

Clubs, sections, developmental activities.
Lesson 3

Practical assignment “Advising a client on children’s decoding.”

Example of decoding.
Lesson 4

Going through karmic lessons in childhood.

Studying the laws of karma and the moral code with a child.

Parental tasks based on the personal significator of karma of a child.
Lesson 5
Practical assignment “Advising a client on children's karma and purpose.”
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