The Matrix of Destiny

Stage 2
The Matrix of Destiny is a system of self-knowledge, thanks to which you can find out the tasks of fulfilling your purpose and get instructions for the development of all areas of life: money, relationships, health, self-fulfillment, and others. The method is based on a system of 22 Energies - 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot, which deeply characterize a person's potential.

The Major Arcana of the Tarot are used to visualize the method. Numerologists don't work with Tarot cards.

Course program

Each lesson includes:
  • lecture
  • guidance materials in electronic form
  • home assignment
  • individual study of the material
Lesson 1
Channel of Manifestation.
Channel of Intuition.
Channel of Repetitive Events.
Ancestral tasks.
Working off karma.
Guidance materials.
Lesson 2
Money Channel. Channel of Talents.
Guidance materials.
Lesson 3
Comparison of the Matrix of Destiny and AstroNumerology.
Lesson 4
Channel of Relationships.
Stumbling blocks. Health Channel.
Channel of Magical Abilities.
Guidance materials.
Lesson 5
Energies of Year. Guidance materials.
Lesson 6
Advising a client. Examination.
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