Numerology energies.
Compatibility of a couple.

Stage 1
At birth, each person is given 6 main energies that affect all areas of life, determine their character and their life path. These energies, of course, can be calculated both for yourself and for your loved ones, in order to better understand each other and make relationships more harmonious.

Energies are tools for fulfilling the purpose. If a person does not know how to manage their energies, then there is NO chance to fulfill the purpose!

The Major Arcana of the Tarot are used to visualize energies.
Numerologists don’t work with Tarot cards! The work of numerologists is NOT related to Tarot cards, predictions or fortune telling.

Course program

Each lesson includes:
  • lecture
  • guidance materials in electronic form
  • home assignment
  • individual study of the material

Lesson 1

The "Destiny Triangle" Calculation system. 
In-depth decodings of energies.
Lesson 2

Interaction of personal energies in the Destiny Triangle.

Tasks for fulfilling the purpose arising from each energy.

Unique cases.

Answers to frequently asked questions from clients with examples.
Lesson 3

Practical assignment “Advising a client”.

Examples of real decodings.
Lesson 4

System for converting the "minus" energies into the "plus" ones.

Goal setting.

Lesson 5

Compatibility of a couple.

Recommendations for harmonization of relationships.

Tasks of partners in a relationship.

Two calculation methods.

Practical assignment “Advising a client”

Examples of real decodings.
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